Cloverfield = Motion Sickness

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Cloverfield = Motion Sickness

So I almost went to see Cloverfield this weekend but instead ended up in a romantic comedy. These are the things that happen to your movie viewing when you get married I guess.

After the chick-flick I was in ended, I had a chance to walk into the Cloverfield theatre for a minute and it was an amazing experience due to the excessively loud volume, the method of shooting (lots of shaking) and the content.

I have heard the movie is not so scary but it seemed like it would leave a lasting impression as it did on me after just 60 seconds.

Apparently, I am not alone in my perception of this movie as at least in one theatre, guests seem to be getting motion sickness from it. Take a look at this sign for what I mean.

Actually I am now glad my wife talked me out of seeing this movie.

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