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As Enterprise Tech Buying Habits Change, Are You Ready?

January 17, 2018

Thomas Saueressig, SAP SE’s 32-year-old chief information officer, looks for commitment when evaluating vendor pitches. Technology firms that get his attention are those “with which I feel confident I can build a long-term strategic partnership,” Mr. Saueressig, one of the corporate world’s youngest CIOs, told CIO Journal's Angus Loten in an email.

That kind of brand loyalty is far less important to older IT buyers, according to new research by Spiceworks Inc., a networking platform for IT professionals, which identified key generational differences in how enterprise IT buyers find and engage with technology vendors. At the end of 2016, the number of millennials in the U.S.

Chess Master Dorsa Derakhshani Left Iranian Oppression for the U.S.

December 29, 2017

The origins of chess are not 100% known. Historians believe it was invented in India or China but either way, it spread to Persia until the Arabs conquered the country and then spread it around the world.

It's exciting to know that one of the best chess players in the world is Iranian-born Dorsa Derakhshani. She recently fled the oppressive middle-east filled with religious tension and the treatment of women as second-class citizens (at best).

Photo from Beyond Chess

She recently penned an editorial worth reading. In it she refers to how Iranian federation officials were more concerned about the tightness of her jeans or head-covering than her ability to play chess.

They eventually banned her from playing, Her brother was banned as well for playing an Israeli.

She concludes that chess is like America at its best.

Check Out This Amazing Nemo Snow Pic

February 11, 2013

For those of you wondering what the snow was like here in Connecticut after hearing about the "record storm" Nemo, here is a picture of what a person in Trumbull, CT saw when they opened their door over the weekend. Now that's a big surprise. As an FYI, this is a few feet of snow coupled with snow drift. If there was any good news relating this storm it was that power outages were kept to a minimum - few if any members of the TMC team lost power due to my knowledge.

The Connecticut Shooting

December 14, 2012

Our office and much of the state has been horribly shaken by the shooting incident in Sandy Hook/Newtown, CT. Some of my coworkers had children in nearby schools and we were on-edge for a while until we learned the gunman had been killed.

Likewise, one of my best friends had a child at a school across the street from where this incident took place. It took me two hours to learn the child was OK.

A Fountain of Inspiration

March 26, 2012

Social sharing of video has let the world see a cornucopia of inane and empty moments which provide little more than simple entertainment and cheap humor. Someone falling off a skateboard and losing a shoe apparently has mass appeal. But once in a while a video goes viral and inspires us in ways not thought possible. Much of the world has a celebrity fixation, copying them, reading about them and wanting to be them.

But the real heroes aside from people saving lives, defending a nation, keeping us safe from criminals and fires are often under-reported on.

RIP David Yedwab

February 24, 2012

Rest in peace my good friend.

One of my favorite people in the tech and telecom spaces had to be telecom analyst David Yedwab who sadly passed away this week. Gregarious, effervescent, full of life and always ready to show me pictures on his phone of some of his favorite places, Yedwab was a real gem.

What the Post-Hurricane Irene Cavalry Looks Like

August 28, 2011

More Appalachian Trail Photos

August 19, 2011

Annual TMC 2011 Picnic Today

July 29, 2011

Problems are Just Temporary Nuisances Looking for Solutions

April 6, 2011

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