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Let's Start Drilling

July 15, 2008

Sorry to take a break from covering communications and technology but if oil goes down in price, the world can start focusing on their lives and their professions instead of scrambling to find ways to offset higher oil prices. How on earth our government is not moving faster to get oil prices to drop is beyond me. For the sake of world economies I ask you to ask Congress to allow drilling everywhere.

If you are concerned about the environment (I am as well) we can always stop the drilling at a later date. Am I alone in worrying about $200, $250 or $300+ oil?

Shoulder Surgery

July 7, 2008

Last week I had rotator cuff surgery and I thought this was an operation that was pretty rare. It seems 1/2 the women I have run into lately and 2/3 of men have had the surgery as well or have shoulder pain. Interestingly I found a way to type this past weekend and it was incredibly painful at first.

I am now much better now. I start physical therapy today and the advice I received from someone recently was to let them stretch me until I cry.

Todd Keefe to Promote ITEXPO West 2008

July 1, 2008

Drive And Talk Via WiFi

June 26, 2008

Use that WiFi phone in the car... Good news for those of you who like your WiFi phone but just haven't been able to get it to work properly in the car. Now, you can use a WiFi phone or even take advantage of videoconferencing  while driving 70 MPH down the interstate.

This will come courtesy of Chrysler as many of their future cars will have a new entertainment system called uconnect which also has a 3G connection and in-car WiFi connectivity. The good news, we can really be connected wherever we are...

RIP George Carlin

June 23, 2008

When I was around 12, I was exposed to George Carlin comedy for the first time. I was always fascinated by this man. He thought of things which were so obvious but only after he told you they were obvious. I followed Carlin over the years, seeing him live and watching him in various movies and on TV.

Vancouver Photos

June 22, 2008

Why JetBlue Flight 197 Was Really Delayed

June 21, 2008

If you are a reader of my blog you know that from time to time I write about things that don't have to do with telecom. Sometimes all the things I cover coalesce into a story which is hard to -- dare I say swallow? Perhaps dissolve is a better word.

What am I talking about? Well you see, last week I was delayed on the runway with other passengers of JetBlue flight 197 on my way to NXTComm.

Smell, Don't Drink That Coffee

June 14, 2008

Build Communities With Google's Help

June 10, 2008

Let's say your company plays in a few different spaces such as information technology, security and storage. And let's say your company has decided to build a community of interest which is dedicated to a specific subject area as you are hoping like-minded people will visit the community regularly and begin to associate your company as a leader in the space and hopefully some of these people will become new customers.

In this example, your resources are limited and even if they aren't, you need to choose one of these above areas to build your community. Assume each of them has equal market sizes and growth rates and you need to determine where the highest level of search interest lies.

Using the updated Google Trends, you can now see a graph over time of search volume on a relative and absolute basis and this information can be exported for analysis.

You may find for example that storage interest spikes around the year-end holidays but also seems unusually high in May of each year... This information can be useful in your business as it helps you see how people are searching for various terms.

If you have read my blog before, you know TMC has been building communities (Global Online Communities, Channels) for companies in the communications and technology space for some time now.

Headed Back

June 4, 2008

I am headed back now -- and gearing up for my video reporting at CBX later this week. An interesting point about airlines is that their rules (on some of the older airlines anyway) are so complex that they have become like the IRS.

I had a connecting flight to Dallas and was able to go standby from NY on a direct flight. On the way back to NY this didn't work -- there was a fee that is probably double what the ticket cost.

The point is if you get an agent who doesn't know the rules you are better off. From the customer's standpoint you feel like the airline is just taking advantage of you.

It seems airlines need more transparency as I never seem to understand their complex jargon and description of rates, etc.

Sorry about the early-morning mini-rant but I haven't had coffee yet.

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