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Border Patrol Benny Hill Style

May 17, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

May 11, 2008

Traveling Upstate Today

May 6, 2008

I am on the road again today and I could not have picked a sunnier day to be on the road. it is cool -- about 60 degrees and not a cloud anywhere to be seen. I am actually in New York State, not Connecticut and I have to give a shout out (is that an appropriate term for a tech blog? ) to the folks over at Targus as I am using the PA248U Notebook Chill Pad which is keeping my laptop nice and cool on my lap.

This thing has really saved me a few times -- especially on the couch on a weekend and I do recommend it to those who hate having a laptop scorch their thighs.

Nortel's Joel Hackney Discusses Earnings

May 2, 2008

Virgin America Review

April 22, 2008

As a bonus to my thoughts, opinion and analysis of the communications and technology sectors, today I bring you something a little bit different. After all, who wants to write about these subjects when your laptop is crammed like an Oreo between you and the reclined seat 12 inches in front of your face?

So what is a Virgin America flight like anyway? If you are like me, you hear great things about this new airline… And what’s not to like - new planes, stylish designs and a leading-edge entertainment center that’s yours - all yours.

The first thing that strikes you when you enter the cabin is the purple neon-like lights and the shiny white plastic mixed with that of the purple translucent variety enveloping the first class and rear areas of the plane.

There is a state of the art entertainment center located in the seat backs which handles your TV, radio and food ordering needs. Want a sandwich and a Coke?

On My Virgin America Flight

April 22, 2008

Motorcycle Fears

April 17, 2008

Jamie Siminoff has an interesting post today on his blog where he discusses the dangers of motorcycles and compares the purchase of a motorcycle to investing in a company.

I was a huge motorcycle fan and was ready to buy a Honda hurricane/CBR 1000 when I graduated college. Before I had a chance to do this, a person I knew in the gym hit a stone wall at 70 MPH on his motorcycle and died. The night before his accident we were at the same party and I will never forget the last moment I saw him.

It is not that we were that close but this experience was one of the first times my youth and inexperience intersected with the reality of human mortality.

Since that time, I have decided that a sports car with air bags and anti-lock brakes is the closest I want to get to the experience of being on a two-wheeled machine.

I have had the chance to borrow a friend's bike from time to time and while riding, I find myself thinking more about the potential for an accident than anything else. The last time I rode, I realized as soon as I got off the bike that my forearms ached from holding on so tight.

When I rode in college I just remember the pure enjoyment - with little to no fear.

I suppose I am just past the point where I can enjoy these machines anymore.

Still, I have a deep craving to ride a Ducati at some point.

The Economy Will Improve Your Next Flight

April 13, 2008

Communications Developer Call for Papers

April 8, 2008

Bob Emmerson: TMC's European Editor

April 8, 2008

Bob Emmerson joins TMC as out European Editor. We are truly proud to have Bob join the team as he is a communications and technology veteran.

Previously, Emmerson was a designer of digital control systems, a journalist, and a copywriter.

For a number of years he ran his own advertising/pr agency in Brussels.

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