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TMCnet New Traffic Record

August 15, 2007

Thanks to all our readers and visitors who have allowed TMCnet to achieve a new traffic record in July 2007.   Here are the numbers:   Page Views 30,977,147 Average Visit Length 35:45 Unique Visitors 3,078,409   Page Views refers to actual pages viewed. So if you look at three articles a month on TMCnet you represent 3 page views. Our prior average was 20 million.   30,977,147 represents a 50+% increase over the prior record.   Average Visit Length represents how much time a person spends on the site   Unique Visitors represents how many unique viewers came to TMCnet in the entire month.   Thank you also to the TMC team for continuing to produce content our audience finds compelling.

Tata Acquires Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford

July 26, 2007

A major passion of mine is automobiles but I rarely write about the subject. I a just learned India’s Tata will purchase Land Rover and Jaguar from Ford. This is pretty big news as it puts an Indian company behind a few important luxury brands.   Jaguar has been struggling a great deal lately and it will be interesting to see how this acquisition plays out. This could also be a great distribution move for Tata as with this acquisition it gets dealers around the world which could theoretically help the company sell other Indian car brands as well.

Update: Thanks to commenter “annoyed visitor” for pointing out this news is not confirmed by Tata. My source did indicate this was a done deal but further research shows this may not be the case.   My sincere apologies for any confusion this blog entry may have caused. However, it is worth pointing out this news may just be early, not inaccurate.

Rich is in Washington Today!

July 17, 2007

TMCnet Goes Twitter

July 4, 2007

It seems like if you are under 18 you spend a good deal of time twittering on well – Twitter. Since my typical reader is above 18 you may not be aware that Twitter is a service allowing you to send and receive messages via SMS on cell phones. People spend hours letting their friends know (in excruciating detail sometimes) about all aspects of their life. “I am going to have lunch.” “I am having a snack.” “I am sick,” are some of the things you may see while twittering.   But if you get sick of twittering with friends and are interested in using Twitter to keep up with the latest (and best of course) communications and technology news and analysis, be sure to check

Happy 4th of July

July 3, 2007

Sitting on the Tarmac -- NXTComm

June 19, 2007

On My Way to Meetings

June 12, 2007

Where is Rich Tehrani June 11, 2007?

June 11, 2007

Traveling to New England

May 31, 2007

AA 366 Takes Off Again

May 24, 2007

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