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Hurricane Ernesto

September 3, 2006

Oh by the way – power is out all over Connecticut thanks to Hurricane Ernesto and I have been without power for over 24 hours now and the power company anticipates about 24 more hours till power is restored. I begged and pleased – I even told them I am a good customer – always paying my bills on time. It didn’t help much. I have called twice for estimated repair times and the second time the estimate became eight hours later than the first!

I am not sure if I should call again or perhaps I will have to wait even more.

TMC in Stamford Advocate

September 3, 2006

TMC was featured on the front page of the business section of the Stamford Advocate newspaper today. It was also in the Hartford Courant (at least online – I am not sure if it made the printed version on Sunday) The article was great and we are humbled by the nice coverage of TMC. One thing I am glad the piece focused on is how much we value our team and what they have helped build. It has been a wild ride and the last 7 years have been so exciting – from ideal telecom times to rough ones and then massive growth once again.

Building an Ark

August 29, 2006

ITEXPO – Early Bird

August 28, 2006

Time is running out to take advantage of early-bird pricing for Internet Telephony Conference & Expo. A reminder to my blog readers that the time is now to save up to $1,000 on a registration. That, my friends is a whole bunch of iPods, SIP phones, infinity Asterisk servers (assuming you have the hardware ), and since we are heading into back-to-school season – that’ll buy you about two entry-level student-ready laptops.

I am really jazzed about this event because we have some of the best speakers we have ever had at our ITEXPO conferences and the breadth and depth of knowledge you will receive over the course of a few days is almost beyond explanation.

It should be noted that TMC has also partnered with other groups to make our already top-ranked conference program even better.

Remember finally that TMC remains the only conference company in IP communications to guarantee your conference registration.

By the way -- we have yet to have a single person take us up on this guarantee (even after thousands of conferees) and we are proud of this fact.

For your hard-earned conference dollars you should just say NO to Industry Per/Sales-spectives.

Here are some of the companies presenting in San Diego

8x8 Acme Packet Aculab Alcatel AT&T Audiocodes Avaya Baypackets
Broadsoft Cisco Systems Citel Covad Dash911 DecisionOne   Deloitte
Digium DiTech Networks Eicon Networks Envox Equinix Forum Communications Global IP Sound Global Touch IDC  In-Stat IntelliCom Analytics Inter-tel Iotum Iperia Iwatsu Jon Arnold & Associates Juniper Kayote Lucent Technologies Microsoft Mitel Motorola NEC Net2Phone Neustar NexTone NMS Nortel Paetec   Pingtel
Quintum RNKVoIP Samsung Sangoma Sentito Siemens Sonus Spectralink Stealth Communications Sun MicroSysytems SunRocket Switch & Data Talkswitch Telchemy The Eastern Management Group Tier1 Research Toshiba U4EA Unimax Verizon Vertical VoIP Inc. VoIP Shield Vox XO Communications Zultys


Take a look at this list of conference tracks/workshops on the program:

Service Provider Solutions
Voice Peering Workshop
IMS Expo (Colocated event)
IPTV Evolution Workshop presented by FierceMarkets
Mobility Summit
WiFi Telephony Summit
Conferencing and Collaboration
Large Enterprise Deployment Workshop
VoIP for SMB
Enterprise/Government Solutions
TMC University IP PBX Certification Courses
Call Center 2.0 (Colocated conference)
IP Communications Development
SIP Workshop
Open Source Summit
Asterisk Training
VoIP Security for Consumer/User

I hope to see you at the event October 10-13, 2006 at the San Diego Convention Center.

Stopped at the X-ray Machine

August 11, 2006

When I got past the x-ray machine it was obvious to me that security has become much tighter. My laptop bag was scrutinized and swabbed repeatedly. Typically this happens about 5% of the time. Many people were going through puffer machines but I am not sure what the criterion was for having to go through this machine.

The airport is certainly packed with people so this incident doesn’t seem to have affected the traveling habits of the average traveler.

Amtrak Acela Power Problems

July 27, 2006

Where is Rich Tehrani -- today?

July 19, 2006

It Was A Race

July 13, 2006

From the moment the red-eye flight landed this morning, I tried my best to get to the hotel quickly. I thought there was a chance I could get some sleep in an actual bed before my presentation. After the luggage arrived at baggage claim I dove out the door and got the first cab in the line. The cab driver found the Sheraton Miami Mart Hotel in no time flat.

Warren Buffet's E-mail Address

June 29, 2006

I wrote about Warren Buffet writing a nice letter to TMCnet's Tracey Schelmetic a while back. He was very complimentary. Anyway, I had forgotten about the letter until I received a few e-mails asking for Mr. Buffet's e-mail address.

I believe people are Googling my blog entries in the hopes of being able to get in touch with him.

So I would like to let the world know that Warren used snail mail when he wrote TMC and he sent no e-mail address. Unfortunately had I received his e-mail address I would have to keep it in confidence.

You see it is all about trust and it is very important to me that Warren knows he has my trust.

Training the American Wife or Husband

June 28, 2006

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