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Cavaliers vs. Pistons

May 16, 2006

Last Night I had floor seats to the Cleveland Cavaliers/Detroit Pistons game. It was a great experience and the crowd was amazing. It was deafening but exciting. I got to see many of the players close up.

Test Blog

May 16, 2006


May 9, 2006


May 4, 2006

I spent a full day at Interop and got to cover the whole show in less than a day which is always a plus. In addition I even got a chance to hit a few receptions and see two wedding parties casually strolling through the casino.

Who would have thought that a strip of desert would become one of the most popular destinations in the country based on gambling, weddings and bachelor parties. Of course there is more... Sports, great restaurants, shows, etc but it is tough to fathom how quickly this strip of sand has blossomed in the past 15 years alone.

But back to the show, there were a few booths towards the front of the hall that did well and some others had good traffic depending on the appeal of their offerings.

TMCnet breaks One Million Unique Visitors

May 1, 2006

I just landed and checked e-mail and one of the first messages I saw is that TMCnet broke one million filtered unique visitors in the month of April 2006.

I was really hoping April would be the month we reached this goal.

I have to thank you once again for visiting TMCnet and helping us achieve this goal. By the way the official number is 1,053,840.

We have two more goals. One is Alexa of 1,000 -- which would put TMCnet in the top 1,000 sites in the entire world. We are currently ranked 1,387 so we are close.

Opie and Anthony return

April 21, 2006

Sure they’re degusting but so what!

Shock jocks Opie and Anthony who were fired from CBS for broadcasting a couple having sex in a church may be rehired by CBS who will potentially syndicate the show from XM Satellite Radio. What can be more ironic than shock jock Howard Stern leaving CBS (perhaps he was pushed out), then the shock jock gets sued along with the satellite company he goes to work for.

Then the same network goes out and gets two DJs who are arguably more offensive than Stern (wait, is that possible???).

It gets better, CBS would be syndicating a satellite program. This would be the first time this has happened.

This could be a historic deal if it is pulled off.

It is also good news for Kevin Martin who probably has excessive free time now that Howard Stern has left the airwaves. Just analyzing the every moment of Opie and Anthony’s broadcast could occupy about 2 dozen FCC staff members full time.

See this LA Times article for more.

Differences between men and women

April 21, 2006

Louisville Downtown Marriott

April 19, 2006

It s my first time in Louisville, Kentucky and that surprises me. I have been all over the country and criss-crossed it so many times it is surprising that I never stopped here. I suppose the trade show cities are where I keep going. LA, San Jose, Orlando, San Diego, Vegas etc.

One of my coworkers loves horses and is so into the sport of horse racing that he knows the lineage of horses going back generations.

Buying a car

April 18, 2006

If you are going to buy a car ever in your life or are interested in how the sales process works in some companies, you must read this article titled Showroom Turncoat Comes Clean which was in the May 2006 issues of Car and Driver Magazine.

The last page is something called How to Avoid Getting Screwed which is also a must-read.

You will learn many of the tricks the salespeople in the auto industry use. If half of this article is true, it does not bode well for the ethics of the industry as a whole.

But I am not here to pass judgment but if you read this and learn how not to get taken by any salespeople ever then I will be happy.

Thank you Michael Feyen for writing this article. It is well-done and kind of scary.

Made it

April 18, 2006

Yesterday I woke up and felt like I was going to change the world. Unfortunately I decided to close my eyes for a few seconds and fell asleep. In case you were wondering – I did not change the world yesterday but at least I got the taxes out. Also, if you wake up feeling like you are going to change the world, I have learned you should start right away as it is a big world and I get way too much e-mail.

This morning too I woke up and knew I was going to change the world.

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