Just Fly Me

Everyone has those zany moments at work when they say – hey this is like a Dilbert cartoon. C’mon, be honest. You know I am talking about you. I even know a coworker who says he wants to turn the daily events at TMC into a TV show. Well as we know with the success of the sitcom, Just Shoot Me, publishing companies can make for great comedic programming. Ditto for Mary Tyler Moore – “Ohh Mister Grahhnt.”
But what if someone was to make a satirical airline show? Let’s say Airplane – but not the movie but a new series. I would imagine an episode where passengers begin the boarding process and a few minutes into the boarding the gate agent abruptly says, everyone please refrain from boarding there is no pilot on the airplane.
Then passengers are asked to go and sit down and wait for a new pilot to arrive from Indianapolis – a 2 hour wait.
This could be really funny and show off how incompetent the management of the airline was. I would laugh at such programming – really I would.
Of course my concern would be the believability of it all. After all, how could you board a plane with no pilot – right? Could never happen – right?
If you saw such an experience you would really be in a state of disbelief – perhaps the same state my fellow passengers and I are right now at O’Hare airport where this situation is actually playing out. This is funny – very funny. I am laughing so hard I am crying. 🙂

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