McDonald's Credit Cards

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McDonald's Credit Cards

I went to McDonald's today and something interesting happened. The location I chose to go to was on I95 which is located in Darien, CT. I am told these two McDonald's, one on either side of the highway are some of the busiest restaurants the company has. While I don’t know if this is true, the restaurant is always busy.

I don’t go to this location too often and when I do I always give them my credit card and they always reject it. I always persisted.  I sort of remember that they don’t take credit cards but I always lead with the card as I hate cash. It is my subtle way of protesting if the company doesn’t take cards. So when I gave them the card today I was sort of surprised when they took it and waited five minutes to get back to me.

When they finally opened the window and gave me my food they apologized and told me they just got credit card machines and I was the first person to charge their meal and they weren’t sure how to charge me. Pays to be persistent I guess.

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