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We went to Pearl last night - a once trendy Miami restaurant. My Wife who is looking over my shoulder feels that it is still trendy. She doesn't have her own blog so I figured she should share in mine on occasion.

3 years back or so at ITEXPO we took a group out to Pearl. My wife found the restaurant actually and when we got there it wall to wall models. Of course when you are having dinner with your wife and others it isn't polite to stare at other women. I noticed my wife staring ( something that never happens) so I figured I was off the hook.

Incidentally when I looked up the whole table was staring at the half-naked dancers and others.

Getting back to the present, tonight - Sunday is the night for Pearl as they have the Brazilian dancers and the in crowd. We aren't sure where to go but I am in the mood for Joe's which everyone knows is Joe's Stone Crab.

My wife isn't a fan of crab but I really am and Joe's has amazing blue cheese dressing. The problem is you have to wait hours for a seat.

Last night we went to a club called Mansion that represents at least a million dollars worth of decorating expense. It was an amazing place to be and the music was great.

I am back at the Eden Roc and just had my caffeine fix and am typing a mile a minute - even though I am using my thumbs.

We may go to the Roof Top lounge tonight after dinner as I hear it is casual and you can have a conversation.

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