Shoulder Surgery

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Shoulder Surgery

Last week I had rotator cuff surgery and I thought this was an operation that was pretty rare. It seems 1/2 the women I have run into lately and 2/3 of men have had the surgery as well or have shoulder pain. Interestingly I found a way to type this past weekend and it was incredibly painful at first.

I am now much better now. I start physical therapy today and the advice I received from someone recently was to let them stretch me until I cry. I look forward to that experience.

I try not to overwhelm my readers with too much personal stuff. Frankly I don't think I am as important as the topics I cover.

But I did want to let you know my output be be lower than usual and I am going to do my best to recuperate soon so I can get back in the swing of things and keep working as usual.

Until then, my advice to people who exercise a lot is to try not to push yourself too hard and to realize that shoulders are much more fragile than you may think at first. Always stretch, warm up and be cautious. I don't wish this surgery on anyone.

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