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Sleep Number Bed

The hotel I am staying at has a sleep number bed and I am convinced it got that name because you wake up at random numbers on the clock throughout the night. OK that may not be totally fair because a coworker is staying at this hotel and apparently he slept very well two nights ago. Me -- I woke up right in the middle of my sleep -- so I am probably not a good reference for the bed.

So the important question is what number is the best. I slept at 70 the first night and 40 the second. I think 40 was better. I suppose it takes some time to find the optimal setting. Then again it may not make sense to put a bed like this in a hotel where most people only spend a few nights -- perhaps not long enough to get the setting perfect.


What a difference a night can make. I spent 15 minutes playing around with the settings on the bed last night and I slept pretty well at around 30. I think perhaps one of the best side effects of the mattress is it doesn't trap heat like most pillow top style mattresses. OK -- enough with the mattress talk -- back to communications.

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