Your Tax Dollars Go To Union Benefits

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Your Tax Dollars Go To Union Benefits

Does it make sense for Americans who don't have amazing benefits (in some cases no benefits) to be taxed and see their hard-earned money go to automakers who in turn will funnel this money to their workers who have benefits which are much better than industry averages? If automakers want this money and want to stay out of bankruptcy, they need to work with the UAW and get rid of collective bargaining which has made costs spiral out of control.

Maybe prepackaged bankruptcy is the way to go.

If you think I am nuts, consider that the competetion in the auto business is just getting started. Wait till the Chinese cars hit our shores. Do you think you can afford to pay gold-plated union benefits and compete against the Chinese?

I am not against unions, I am against having one country have them and others not. If China has strong unions and ALL other countries do as well, then the playing field is level. If not, the country with the unions will have bankrupt companies. And this is how we got in this mess.

I hear talk of creating more American jobs. The way to do this is by reducing restrictions on the ability to lay positions off in tough times and allowing free markets to determine what workers will be paid.

In a global economy, the old paradigms do not work.

Unions had their place and time in American history but now that all taxpayers are paying for the benefits they negotiated, that time is over.

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