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Chamber of Commerce Vs. Obama

October 15, 2010

For a President with such a calm and cool demeanor, it may seem surprising that a book titled The Roots of Obama's Rage is number four on the New York Times best Seller list.

The book focuses on how Barrack Obama was imprinted with strong anticolonialist feelings as a result in-part of his grandfather being tortured by British soldiers in Kenya.

While this post is not meant as a book review - many business leaders I speak with hear the President's policies and especially his speeches and feel he is against business people. At least seven out of ten managers feel this way in the discussions I have had recently.

More US Problems and a Few Solutions

October 14, 2010

I have said many times the reason the US is in as bad a situation as it is today has to do with the fact that the Internet has accelerated the transfer of manufacturing jobs to China and service jobs to India.

Instead of spending our time blaming Wall Street and people making $250,001 for our current problems we need to understand that the real estate bubble of the last decade was encouraged by virtually everyone in our government as well as the Federal Reserve because it masked the larger problem of jobs being outsourced. After all, it is tough to outsource home and office construction jobs.

To put my past thoughts in perspective there is an article I came across which sums up the massive changes which have taken place in the US over the years.

Here are some salient points:

  • The number of people in the manufacturing sector today is about the same as 1941!
  • We invented the TV and none are made here
  • Computer manufacturing employment levels are lower than in 1975!
  • The US spends almost $4 for Chinese goods for every $1 China spends on US goods
  • US 15-year-olds do not rank in the top half in math and science in developed nations
  • We have the third-worst poverty rate among developed nations
  • In the last 100 years or so the US dollar has lost about 95% of its purchasing power
The solutions to our challenges have to do with acknowledging the above and more importantly electing leaders who understand the problems we face have to do with education, focus and competition.

Moreover, we have so many government leaders who have never hired a single person, run a company or done anything which would give them experience enabling them to understand how to create an atmosphere where entrepreneurs can thrive.

New small businesses which we desperately need, require far less regulation so they can compete with China and India. In addition they need much less government overhead and far lower taxes. Very few in government today understand any of this or if they do they never seem to mention it.

Jack Welch Explains Why You Have no Job

September 27, 2010

What Would Reagan Say About Increased Taxes?

September 25, 2010

Marxism Mainstream, Witchcraft a Problem

September 20, 2010

I am wondering how the mainstream media has become enamored with a Tea party candidate's dabbling in witchcraft - repeating the story over and over. But when our President had numerous Marxist connections and still does, non of it got reported.

This country used to look at Marxists as enemies - when did the concept go beyond mainstream to something that is so taken for granted that no one questions it?

We spent billions of dollars to fight communism over the years sacrificed American lives and considered the spread of communism such a threat we almost went to nuclear war with Russia.

Yet a few decades later we seem to have forgotten what the country fought for all these years. We forget the eastern European immigrants who fled communism and the killings and oppression that went with it. I still hear stories of the food lines you had to wait in while in Russia and Poland and they horrify me.

And yet the media ignored the issue of Marxist ties to the White House through the whole election cycle and even today.

iPad goes to China, Crooks Mine Facebook and ITEXPO Highlights

September 13, 2010

As the first week of the fall begins, there is a wealth of news to share such as China getting the iPad, Facebook status updates leading to burglaries, another high- level departure at Nokia and looking to sell itself for a billion dollars.

The pace of acquisitions hasn't slowed as of late - HP just announced it will acquire ArcSight to bolster its security offering and PAETEC will pick up Cavalier Telephone.

Perhaps the biggest news of all is Wal-Mart's entry into the MVNO space - they will be reselling T-Mobile's service.

If there is a common theme here - it's that technology continues to be full of opportunity as it becomes more common.

Hope, Change and Reality Don't Mix

September 7, 2010

Dear Government, Please Stop "Helping" Us

September 2, 2010

I have said before that the Obama administration has been the most anti-business of any administration I have ever seen. There is hostility towards success achieved through legal business means and demonization of virtually every profession (except ironically lawyers, professors and community organizers).

  • Doctors have been accused or removing tonsils and amputating without reason.
  • Bankers are irresponsible and fat cats.
  • Oil industry execs - well you know.
  • Hedge funds - are bad people for fighting the White House during the whole autogate controversy of last year where GM and Chrysler were bailed out.

One has to imagine these comments are made to somehow help the US population but it is statements like these that are in-part responsible for keeping companies from hiring and well-off consumers from spending. I can't imagine this is what our President intended to happen but the rhetoric hasn't ceased and neither have the job losses.

While I come into work every single day and promise myself I won't write about politics it is apparent that politics has become a greater factor in business than one's ideas and potential. In other words if the government continues changing the pieces around, businesses will continue to hold off on spending and so will consumers.

Apple, Sony, Microsoft, Google and ITEXPO News September 1, 2010

September 2, 2010

It has been an extremely exciting week again for tech news and moreover for me personally as I got a chance to open up my Sony Dash and it is a very cool addition to my desktop as it allows me to view my photos and take advantage of widgets of all kinds which among other thinks allow me to see the pandas at the San Diego Zoo. This handy gadget has a slew of communications, social networking and calendar features as well but for now, I just want to see the pandas.


The big news from yesterday of course was Steve Jobs onstage pushing a slew of new iPods and a rental-only model for Apple TV and a social network integrated into iTunes.

Goldman's Interest in Green IPO Helps Obama Relationship

September 1, 2010

I read with tremendous interest about Goldman Sachs and their unusual interest in PetroAlgae, a company in the renewable energy field which is not only small but losing money. Generally a company like Goldman would laugh at such a small IPO. Courtney Comstock of Clusterstock details the pros and cons of the deal and refers to a Reuters article written by Steve Eder. One pro is the idea that Goldman positions itself nicely in the alternative energy field with this deal but one wonders if Goldman really needs this positioning as even with all their recent PR problems they are seen as the best and brightest on Wall Street and most every firm would die to work with them.

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