The Most Important Elections of our Lives

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The Most Important Elections of our Lives

For my US readers, next week’s election may be the most important of our lifetimes and if you have noticed my writings have become more political these past few years it is only because politics has become a far greater part of my discussions with companies in the tech space than at any time in the past three decades.

Most people I interview are very concerned that government politics and rhetoric have taken us in the exact wrong direction. My discussions with friends and acquaintances also paint a picture of people not buying houses or adding on to their homes while the Obama, Pelosi, Reid combo are in office.

Often we hear the complaints about this trio regarding wealth redistribution and being hostile to business – but there is a far larger problem with the Democrats in power today… They think they know how to build an economy better than the business owners who have kept the US a leading economic power for a good portion of the past few centuries.

In past posts I have shared how former GE CEO Jack Welch and Former Home Depot founder Ken Langone have detailed precisely why Obamanomics is killing business and jobs in the US.

But today I will present Amity Shlaes, one of the world’s best economic and business writers in my opinion and she explains how government interference slowed down the recovery during the Great Depression and subsequently shows (PDF) how history is repeating itself with the current policies our politicians are employing today.

Unlike many mainstream journalists who are liberals slanting their stories without letting you know about their bias, I have become fiscally conservative these past few years – after not paying much attention to politics my entire life. Much of my awakening has had to do with listening to business owners and managers in our industry and wanting to leave this country with as much opportunity as it held when I grew up and when my father came here in the 1950s with a few dollars and a dream to create something. That something has become TMC (where I am CEO) – and I want every person in the US and those who want to strive for excellence from abroad to be able to come to the US and continue the pursuit of success so many others have successfully achieved.

The way I see it, Bush, Obama, Pelosi and Reid have done a tremendous disservice with all the wasteful spending they have done and our children are now stuck with the tab.

In one week I am hoping there is a Republican sweep like nothing we have ever seen before – if for no other reason than to send a signal that the government works for the people and not the other way around.

At that point we as a nation must put excruciating pressure on whoever is in office to cut the spending, entitlements and corruption which has been a mainstay of Washington for so many decades.

The Republicans who get into office better be fiscally conservative or I promise to call them out myself for the sake of all of our children. And the Democrats still in power looking to help the underprivileged better come to grips with the fact that teaching people to fish (instead of giving them a fish) is the only way our country can move forward and compete in an age where workers in India and China can be hired from the US with the click of a mouse.

Moreover there is no difference between politicians and citizens who break laws – they all must be prosecuted with the same speed. Also we need to set short term limits for all Senators and Congressmen. We need to drastically shrink the size of government and send a signal to businesspeople that we welcome their investment in creating US jobs and we won’t change the rules because they are “evil” or make speeches which twist the truth about doctors and insurance executives so we can get our name associated with a bill which we’ve always wanted to pass. Moreover, we need to welcome foreigners into the US who want to come here and start companies.

Oh, and a simple idea which Washington has not acted upon despite massive pressure from Silicon Valley is allowing the world’s brightest students who come to the US to get educated to stay and build companies if they so choose.

Finally, we will create a stable business environment and our President should be impeached if he demonizes any businesspeople because of his personal biases.

Also – And I mean this respectfully, the President like any politician works for the people of this country – which includes business leaders and the people who work for them – it is absolutely not the other way around.

Moreover, since when has class division existed in modern times in the US? Any person can become a business owner and billionaire in the US – and we are the most welcoming country when it comes to success – not harboring animosity towards those people who achieve the American Dream. Demonizing the American Dream is the equivalent of demonizing its citizens who all hope to be the next Bill Gates.

I am hoping a message is sent next week that ensures all politicians learn their place and start becoming part of the solution and not continue being part of the problem.

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