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Reasearh On E-Mail, Etc

Something about the Radicati Group's releases about their research reports makes me want to comment about them. Perhaps the little snippets of info they give out. My comments are in red:

Please find below The Radicati Group, Inc.'s "Radicati Market Stats & Industry Commentary". Here you will find some fast facts from our various reports and analyst quotes on recent industry news which you may feel free to use for citing in upcoming articles. 

Please note that these stats and quotes may only be used for press articles. They may not be used for company-sponsored whitepapers, press releases, or any other company-specific marketing material without the explicit written permission of The Radicati Group, Inc.

The installed base of corporate anti-spyware will grow from 16 million users in 2005, to nearly 541 million users in 2009 - an average annual growth rate of 146%.

If this is true, we are in trouble. I can't live without an anti-spyware package 9from Microsoft) and anti-virus (from AVG). Recently I have an anti-adware program from Ad-Aware -- when will the madness stop? Point being that if all your users don't have all three of these types of programs installed on their PCs, you are asking for trouble.


Chain letters, such as messages that request money to be sent to other individuals, account for 4% of worldwide spam traffic.

Are people still forwarding these things? If so, they should be fined.

The total number of European spam messages will increase from 21.3 billion messages in 2005, to 41.6 billion by 2009.

Fantastic. We can expect to get e-mail offers for day-old baguettes, gift certificates to Marks and Spencer and fish and chips along with the steady stream of Viagra offers we all get.


An average corporate user receives 94 messages per day. About 20 of those messages are spam.

I get hundreds of e-mails a day, even with multiple spam filters installed. That is one of the unexpected pleasures of having your e-mail address plastered on the internet.

In 2005, a typical corporate e-mail account receives about 19.5 MB of data per day.  By 2009, this number will more than double to over 45 MB per user per day.

Buy stock in EMC


54% of employees use IM while at work, up 4% from last year.

Interestingly 4% of all corporate IMs are work-related.


Revenue in the European corporate messaging software segment is expected to grow from 651 million euro at year-end 2005 to 900 million euro in 2009.

I can't tell from the e-mail whether this is healthy growth or not but it seems substantial
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