Adobe Buzzword… On the Path to a Yahoo Merger?

You might have thought there are enough word processors on the market and there is absolutely no reason for any company to go through the expense of developing a word processor when Microsoft owns the market and Google is coming on somewhat strong. If this was your thinking, you may not have heard the latest news.

You see, Adobe has been watching this competition from a short distance away and has subsequently decided they can do an even better job than Google in the desktop application business by bringing their knowledge of graphics to bear on their competitor from the world of search.

A sample Buzzword document which subscribers can
access in read-only mode.

Witness the Adobe Buzzword Beta, a SaaS offering meant to compete with Google and Microsoft. I have had a chance to demo the word processor and am very impressed with the graphical capabilities it possesses. It could possibly even be mistaken for desktop software by some.

The word processor is smart, notifying you of mistakes such as trying to post a graphic from the clipboard.


You can also add graphics easily into documents and have them automatically flow.


Tables are no problem either.


Adobe has slowly become a major force in technology but compared to Google they are are very under the radar. They own VoIP collaboration tools, conferencing, amazing graphical design products and this isn’t even mentioning the ubiquitous nature of Flash and Acrobat. The company is slowly organizing its various applications to work more cohesively with one another and as this happens, expect there to be more pressure on Microsoft, Google Cisco/WebEx and other major industry players.

Of course the important question worth asking is will Adobe’s hosted applications have an advertising model associated with them? Assuming this becomes part of the company’s strategy, will they have a relationship with Google to show ads. Would Google go for this? Would it be better to work with Yahoo?

While on the topic, would Yahoo and Adobe make a good combination? The two both have tremendous web reach but few competing products/services and Adobe understands graphics and as the web becomes more graphical and web users embrace SaaS, doesn’t it make sense to combine a very large ad network with a company which can design graphically superior hosted services?

Both companies have market caps int he mid 20 billion dollar range so a merger of equals may make sense. This could be extreme — perhaps just an MOU would work between the two companies for now.

I suggest you give the service a try and once you do, you can check out the somewhat silly document I created.

One warning: It is worth noting that this service could crash your browser quite often.. So if you try it, get in the routine of saving your work often.

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