Daylight Savings Time: OPEC's Friend

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Daylight Savings Time: OPEC's Friend

Indiana is home to four important things... Interactive Intelligence, some of the best steaks you will find anywhere, some of the nicest people around and really bizarre daylight savings rules that made it virtually impossible to know what time it was in the state, without the aid of computer.

You see, up until 2006, some counties in Indiana implemented daylight savings time while others did not. Thankfully the situation is better now for those who weren't thrilled about dealing with new time zones as they drove through the state.

Interestingly this change allowed researchers to study whether implementing daylight savings time actually saves energy. This is what many of us have been lead to believe. Apparently daylight savings time actually increases energy usage.

Why the increase in energy use? We can thank heaters and air conditioners for this. Also, this article on the matter points out that there are still other benefits to daylight savings time such as improved quality of life due to more hours of sun. There is likely less depression as well because of this simple twice-a-year clock changing exercise.

I am sure  OPEC ministers are driving their Ferrari's, wiping themselves with 10,000 euro bills and laughing at us for being the idiots we seem to be.

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