Dying Bats+Dying Bees=Trouble

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Dying Bats+Dying Bees=Trouble

First there was colony collapse disorder where bees were dying off by the millions. Now it is the bats that are dying in the northeast of the US which means more mosquitoes and other flying insects await us all this spring.

Alan Hicks, a wildlife biologist with the New York Department of Environmental Conservation, said he fears a catastrophic collapse of the region's bat population and is urgently enlisting experts around the country to find the cause.

Scientists think perhaps humans are spreading the bat killing disease from cave to cave. The dead bats which number in the thousands so far have a ring of white fungus around their nose and scientists do not know if this is a symptom or the reason the bats are dying. Some surmise however the fungus could be a result of the bats being too sick to groom themselves.

Hopefully scientists will be able to find the cause and cure for this problem. I sincerely hope the problem isn't related to WiMAX or some other new technology. If global warming is the cause, perhaps this will be more of an incentive for the world to try to reverse this trend.

This may be unrelated but I have noticed that this year and last... birds near my house in Connecticut seem to have stopped flying south. Could this be somehow related to the bat problem? Hey, I am no scientist but I am a MacGyver fan.


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