Global Warming

I haven’t blogged in a few days. Friday of last week was certainly a banner day for me from a blog perspective as I had 6 entries. In the future I may have to learn to space things out better. But I am still relatively young and keep learning as I go along.
One item I didn’t get to last week is a news item discussing how the leading scientists in the world are convinced that the current global warming we are experiencing has been caused by man.
I was hoping to cover this news on Monday of this week but on this day it was 9 degrees outside as I came to work and my hands were actually too cold to type. Driving home this week has been an ordeal as my 15 minute commute means my car doesn’t warm up – even by the time I get home.
So while the world discusses how humans have caused global warming I am on eBay shopping for remote car starters.
If you sense a bit of sarcasm here you are pretty perceptive. I would imagine if you are a scientist putting out a red alert about global warming – before you speak, you should probably wait until winter is over – just in case.

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