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Democrats Say You are Lying

June 7, 2007

Here is an interesting story from CNET on Google’s need for more immigrants with H1-B visas. According to the article, some Democrats wonder if Google is doing enough to recruit Americans. The question worth asking is are these Democrats serious?   One of the most ingenious hiring campaigns I have ever seen in the United States comes from Google. This billboard which poses a math question and requires you to know the answer before responding is an example of Google going above and beyond to hire US workers.   This story was even on NPR.ORG… Don’t tell me some Democrats missed it.   Google is spending millions of dollars on recruiting in the US and took the time to testify in Washington on this matter.

Palm Foleo

May 31, 2007

I love gadgets and I love what Palm has done for the handheld market. I love the concept of Palm rolling out a new laptop-sized device. But that is where it ends. The new Palm Foleo has a fraction of the functionality of a Windows computer but is priced just under an equivalent laptop.   It syncs nicely with your mobile device but then again so does your laptop.   I haven’t had a chance to use this new product but in my mind I can think of virtually no one who needs it.

Dragons at Your Door

May 30, 2007

How Chinese Cost Innovation is Disrupting Global Competition I just received Dragons at Your Door from the Harvard Business School Press and I was going to put it on the bookshelf but for some reason I started to skim it. The timing was perfect as a well-respected PR director made a comment yesterday about an acquirer for Avaya. They said Huawei might be the best company to pick them up.   I wasn’t so sure when he mentioned this idea but the more I think about it the more it makes sense.   I skimmed the book for a few minutes and it is rife with a examples of our dealings with China and other countries and it discusses the similarities between competition from China and Japan.   I haven’t spent enough time on it to say it is good or bad but the book has whetted my appetite to a point where I will put it on my list of books to read. When free time allows of course.

Enough Whales Already

May 28, 2007

Let me start this post by saying there is probably few people who love animals as much as me. But I am more a couch potato animal lover. I don’t have a house filled with cats and dogs but rather I can sit for hours watching documentaries about life in Africa, Australia or anywhere there are animals.   Having said that can someone explain to me how two whales have received more press than the war in Afghanistan? In the last week every excruciating detail of a pair of whales who took a wrong turn in California has been analyzed and discussed in excess.   I am sure if I did a search there is a website somewhere dedicated to the bowel movements of these two mammoth creatures.


May 26, 2007

We have enough important things to discuss in the world and certainly trying to disprove evolution shouldn’t be one of them. According to this article three of ten republican presidential candidates don’t believe in evolution and it is obvious our president doesn’t either.   This has to be some kind of joke. It is apparent these people know nothing of science or have been sheltered to the point where they have never stepped into a museum.   To make matters worse, a new museum just opened in Kentucky which will show dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark and will explain the Grand Canyon was not created through millions of years of erosion but rather 6,000.   Topping it off, the museum cost 27 million brainwashing dollars to construct.   At the least the name of the building is “Creation Museum” which should ward off those people who are really looking for a museum based on science.   Then again, I may want to take a flight down to the Creation Museum myself to see just how big Noah’s Ark was. I don’t even think we have any ships big enough today to hold every species of dinosaur.   The whole issue of creation versus evolution is scary because it shows the ultra-religious (regardless of religion) have decided that logic can be disregarded at will.

Planet Earth

April 28, 2007

Vonage Free to Compete

April 25, 2007

Scientists Unearth Kryptonite

April 24, 2007

Colony Collapse Disorder

April 24, 2007

If you haven’t been following the news, bees have been dying at alarming rates as adult bees get disoriented and can’t find their ways back to their nests. The NY Times does a good job of reporting the latest news on colony collapse disorder or disappearing bee syndrome.   The syndrome is happening in the US and Europe and when it happens there are microorganisms found in the hive that are not normally present.   Researchers have also discovered fungus in some affected colonies. The same fungus in fact which is found in human HIV and cancer patients.   The cause of the syndrome is unclear but theories abound. Cell phones, cell phone towers, genetically modified food and pesticides are all potential causes for the disorder according to the article.   The problem of course with the disappearing of bees is the subsequent loss in crops they pollinate.

More on The VoIP Patent Mess

April 20, 2007

A number of people in the telecom industry tell me they have looked at the Verizon patents being used against Vonage and they say they have been doing the things that are claimed in the patents before Verizon filed. My sources further claim in some cases there are patents which have been granted to companies which conflict with the patents which Verizon has. Of course this is not unusual but no one has anything to gain from suing Verizon to get the phone company’s patents overturned. They would only do this if they are sued and this won’t happen as Verizon is too smart to sue companies that can overturn their own patents.
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