Weekend Fuzzy Logic Thoughts

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Weekend Fuzzy Logic Thoughts

I sometimes get negative feedback when I discuss areas outside tech and telecom on this blog so I decided that if I am going to go off on a tangent I will usually restrict it to the weekend when my critics are too relaxed to give me grief  ;) .

Some of you probably know I wanted to be an MD and/or biomedical engineer but fate had other plans. This should explain my fascination with many things biological.

Anyway I find the fact that fuzzy logic is being used to model and visual cell interactions wonderful. Technology continues to evolve and help civilization become better. Whether it is a better cell phone or a new way to help researchers, I am thrilled to get to learn about and discuss the leading edge of tech with my readers.

Just promise - no negative letters about all this - I am having a relaxing weekend after all. ;)

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