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TMC Builds You Online Communities

March 26, 2009

Many people in the communications space have asked me recently what TMC's secret is. After all, we are in the toughest media environment of our lifetimes and we produced our best show ever and have more paying customers online than at virtually any other time in our history.

The answer may lie in a bit of luck and some skill. The lucky part is we built our first online community for a customer about a decade ago.

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March 25, 2009

TMCnet Blogs Add New Social Networking Features

February 27, 2009

Great news for readers of TMCnet blogs. As you know we now have 40 bloggers and continue to innovate with technology and integration additions to our blogs which allow you to use your social networking login to comment on our blog entries. But that was so yesterday.

TMCnet Adds 40th Blogger, Keeps Growing

February 24, 2009

TMC has been aggressively adding new bloggers to its arsenal of content which attracts 2-3 million communications and tech decision makers worldwide each month. We are now at blogger number 40 and counting. We are still aggressively recruiting many more and if you can write and have something of value to contribute and want the most exposure you can get, drop Greg Galitzine (ggalitzine at a line ASAP to learn more.

TMC is one of the few media companies - in fact companies of any kind, growing in this market.

Trackle, a Worthy Service

February 11, 2009

For those old-timers like Yours Truly who still depend on e-mail for much of my communications, a new service from a company called Trackle makes it easy for me to subscribe to a number of services which can be pushed to me in a number of different ways.

For example, I signed up for alerts which include news from the New York Times, job postings from craigslist, crime news near my house and the most depressing of all - an alert which tells me when my house loses at least one percent of its value.

There are many categories to choose from such as travel, shopping, social, weather, videos, events, finance, fun stuff and more.

Trackle hooks into other services nicely and just makes life more easy for the person who just can't get enough information.

Time to Trade Show Like its 1999

February 2, 2009

Andy Abramson has a brilliant entry supporting events and why you need to go to them. Here are some salient points:

That's the difference. I'm a player. Not a spectator.

Some Important ITEXPO East 2009 News

January 28, 2009

Here are some links from a recent ITEXPO Show Daily sent to ITEXPO attendees. It doesn't live online yet so I can't post a link. (Show daily 1, 2) Instead I cut and pasted some of the more important parts with the important links and videos borrowed from the ITEXPO home page.

Keep reading to the end and be sure you are at the show to potentially win the Jeep (you must be present to win). In this economy I am not aware of too many places you can win a car -- just because you showed up.

In This Recession, Would You Buy From Your Company?

January 28, 2009

Keep Your Company from Being Cut in a Recession

Every person around the world is looking to cut costs it seems. In turn, every business needs to ensure their current and existing customers don't cut them.

So remember, in this environment, the people who make purchasing decisions will look to purchase from companies they deem stable.

Is Eric Schmidt Protecting a Google Monopoly?

January 28, 2009

Photo courtesy of NY Times

Eric Schmidt seems to be everywhere but most often attached to the hip of President Obama. I have a simple question to ask. Many of us know Google is more or less a monopoly - Microsoft and Yahoo! have thrown everything they have at search and come up losers. Other countries have tried to compete and no luck.

ITEXPO East 2009 Miami Panel Info

January 28, 2009

Hi all, thought it made sense to pass along this press release TMC is about to put out so you know what is happening at ITEXPO this Monday-Wednesday in Miami. Hope to see you there soon.

Oh -- and I used the highlighter pretty liberally because i was in one of those moods. Hope you don't mind.


HD-Voice, Unified Communications, and Service Provider Panel Discussions Top the Agenda for Next Week's ITEXPO Conference in Miami

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