Trackle, a Worthy Service

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Trackle, a Worthy Service

For those old-timers like Yours Truly who still depend on e-mail for much of my communications, a new service from a company called Trackle makes it easy for me to subscribe to a number of services which can be pushed to me in a number of different ways.

For example, I signed up for alerts which include news from the New York Times, job postings from craigslist, crime news near my house and the most depressing of all - an alert which tells me when my house loses at least one percent of its value.

There are many categories to choose from such as travel, shopping, social, weather, videos, events, finance, fun stuff and more.

Trackle hooks into other services nicely and just makes life more easy for the person who just can't get enough information.

Yesterday I signed up for the service and so far I received one alert from the company and was happy with the results. It is worth a try and is free. Room for improvement includes hooks into many more data services and an RSS/XML feed.

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