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FTTH is Needed Soon

April 8, 2008

I agree with Gary Kim that FTTH is needed, if not today, at least very soon. Unless a service provider is looking to sell out this year or next, they should be considering doing what rural Smithville Telephone did and deploy fiber to the home or FTTH.

This is one of those investments where Wall Street may be out of touch with Main Street as one day we will wake up and customers will want bandwidth which can only be achieved with massive amounts of photons traveling on glass strands.

When this transition will take place is impossible to know for sure.

What we can all be sure of however is that it will happen.

The question is, who will be left standing with thousands of miles of obsolete copper and cable when the music stops?

Communications Developer Call for Papers

April 8, 2008

Bob Emmerson: TMC's European Editor

April 8, 2008

Bob Emmerson joins TMC as out European Editor. We are truly proud to have Bob join the team as he is a communications and technology veteran.

Previously, Emmerson was a designer of digital control systems, a journalist, and a copywriter.

For a number of years he ran his own advertising/pr agency in Brussels.

TMCnet Podcast Library

April 8, 2008

TMCnet Gets a Redesign

April 8, 2008

Live Communications Webinars

April 7, 2008

How do you stay up to date on the latest in communications and technology without leaving your desk? One of the best ways is with a webinar which allows you to sit comfortably in your office while you learn from industry experts.

In today's mobile work environment I should emphasize you really don't need to be at a desk. You could in fact be on a train or anywhere else as you learn everything you wanted to know about important issues such as secure SIP trunking, SBCs, communications enabled business services and how VoIP will coexist with IPV6.

Here is a complete list of upcoming webinars:

Thanks for reading and as a disclaimer I should mention these webinars all take place with TMC representation... A TMC editor and potentially an analyst will be on every one.

In addition, you should know a webinar is one of the few places online where you can learn something and have your questions answered by experts in real-time.

Sprint Pays Klausner

April 7, 2008

Sprint recently signed a deal with Klausner Technologies to enable them to use visual voicemail without the fear of being sued. This news is interesting as Sprint is one of the companies coming after VoIP providers who the company claims is infringing on their patents. It seems more than coincidental that Sprint decided to go after so many VoIP companies around the same time they were in negotiations with Klausner.

Sprint Nextel is the seventh company to date to license the Klausner visual voicemail patents. Other licensees include ISP’s such as Time Warner’s AOL, VoIP providers such as Vonage and the visual voicemail/voicemail transcription company, Simulscribe.

See also:

Men Swindled More Often Online

April 6, 2008

It is a shame the concept of Internet fraud exists at all but since it does, it seems natural that people would try to figure out who gets taken in by online fraud the most.

Now that the results are in, it seems that men get taken in more often than women -- or at least they seem to report it more often.

Specifically, data compiled from more than 206,000 complaints received last year by the U.S. Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) shows that men lost US$1.67 to every $1lost by women in online fraud.

Some of the explanations for why there is a discrepancy has to do with propensity of men to fall for investment schemes and those having to do with purchasing electronics.

[PC World]

Westport VoIP

April 5, 2008

Although this may not be earth-shattering news, I find it personally satisfying to see that after about ten years of publishing Internet Telephony Magazine and holding Internet Telephony Conference & Expo, that the town of Westport, CT has decided they will go VoIP.

The city will spend $1.25 million dollars in fact to VoIP-enable the town, the Board of Education and the Westport Public Library. Some of the concerns raised about this install are what happens if the power goes out.

I should mention that Westport is the neighboring town to Norwalk, CT where TMC headquarters are located. A tidbit which may eventually help you win Trivial Pursuit is that occasionally you will find TMC team members heading to Westport for lunch to have sushi.

Westport is also fairly affluent as cities in Connecticut go. Darien, Greenwich and New Canaan are a few other cities in Connecticut which also have high levels of wealth.

Now the question is, who will win the bid as price will likely not be an object.

CellTrust: Providing Secure SMS

April 2, 2008

While SMS is a fantastic technology for consumers, there is a roadblock to SMS use in companies due to the security problems inherent in this unencrypted communications medium. Business users such as financial institutions and those in e-commerce would use SMS more broadly as a communications medium if it were more secure.

One way to increase the security level is to add encryption and a company called CellTrust is doing just that. The Arizona-based company has developed a product called the SecureSMS Gateway which encrypts SMS messages and moreover adds a wealth of new features to which in some ways rivals what a Blackberry Enterprise Server can do.

For example, the service can determine if an SMS was received and if it was opened. If a handset is lost it is further able to remotely wipe the handset.

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