Interop New York 2009 Videos

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Interop New York 2009 Videos

I got back from Interop New York 2009 last night and was pretty excited to conduct a number of video interviews in the new TMC Newsroom set. One of the videos I was particularly excited to conduct was with Dr. Gaston Ormazabal, Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff, Verizon Labs. Gaston and the team he works with have found some SIP security flaws and are working hard to solve the problems. These discoveries leave SIP servers open to attacks which come in a number of forms such as malformed packets, out of state machine order packets and packet floods. Gaston is working on these projects with Henning Schulzrinne, the inventor of SIP at Columbia University and he is also working with researchers at NYU.

Some of the other key people working on this project are Verizon's Stu Elby, VP of Network Architecture at VZ Labs (Corporate Technology) and Flavio Bonomi, Head of Cisco Research. Cisco by the way is funding this project and is using the results of this research to develop hardware which stops attacks on SIP servers.

The video interview is below and here is a link which takes you to a page with all of the videos from Interop New York 2009. They are being added all the time so check back often.

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