ISIS Brings Flip-Phone to Crowd-Sourced Cyber-Hacking Fight.

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ISIS Brings Flip-Phone to Crowd-Sourced Cyber-Hacking Fight.

Its an interesting world we live in where a group like Anonymous which likely wasn't thought very highly has become a savior thanks to their efforts to combat ISIS. The Obama administration, Putin and the rest of the world which has lost their citizens to ISIS may have done less to hurt this organization in 18 months than Anonymous has done in a few days of fighting this organization.

President Obama has said repeatedly and so has Hillary Clinton that we are fighting an ideology. So any logical and sane person would put two and two together and figure out if ISIS is using social media extremely well to spread their ideology, then maybe we should shut down their twitter accounts, right? Doesn't the CIA and NSA have tens of billions of dollars at their disposal to keep the US safe? Hey, I am for waterboarding and worse to keep a terrorist from taking one innocent life. I could care less if the CIA uses cyber-methods to take these terrorists down.

I'm not sure how much longer we'd have to wait for major governments to do something. Instead I'm taking solace in the fact that Anonymous has not only disabled 6,000 ISIS Twitter accounts, they are teaching others how to do it as well.

Isn't this what the US government should be doing? If Obama is correct and we are at war with an ideology, then how exactly has he been fighting it for the past 18 months? Anyone?

I'm shocked that I am forced to become a major Anonymous fan.

Hey ISIS, you just brought a flip-phone to a crowd-sourced cyber-hacking fight. Good Luck!

Here is part of the user guide - the idea here is you can report sites you find or initiate scripts which reset the passwords of ISIS accounts or otherwise disable them. Some of the tactics may be illegal but it isn't clear to me who would be able to prosecute such a case.


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