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Sesame Place

Sesame Place has to be considered a mini-Disneyworld and I don’t mean this as a negative. It is located in Pennsylvania and a few hours away from Fairfield County Connecticut. I unfortunately used the Cross Bronx Expressway and George Washington Bridge on the way there because I followed the GPS in my car. The ever-present delays on the Cross Bronx was the only bad thing about my trip to the park.

Once there – we went last week, not on a weekend and got to park across the street -- just 2 minutes away, I was blown away at all the things you could do. It is primarily a water park and there are plenty of parades and characters for your kids to interact with.

The Sesame Palce Entrance

There are traditional non-water rides and games where you can win a prize and I did win an Elmo stuffed animal for my daughter Priscilla.

You can even take a picture with Elmo but Priscilla and all the kids just before Priscilla in line were scared of this 5 foot 10 inch orange giant. The boy just before Priscilla was probably around two years old and his father had to sit him in his lap as he cried to get a shot. I think the park would be better off with a 3-4 foot Elmo but other than that, what a blast!

I got a few shots of Priscilla with Elmo before she scurried away :-)

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