SIP Trunking Session at ITEXPO

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SIP Trunking Session at ITEXPO

Here are more details on the SIP trunking session at ITEXPO. I mentioned it recently in this article. This is a descriptive e-mail from Ingate:


Ingate Systems and its partners invites you to attend a FREE SEMINAR at INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference & EXPO:

SIP Trunking-Realizing Rapid ROI Today.
SIP trunking rapidly reduces telephony costs by leveraging SIP, eliminating redundant network connections and providing PSTN termination in the local area of the called party.

Join us for a free SIP Trunking seminar at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo in San Diego, CA. Sponsored by TMC and Ingate Systems, and held with leading IP-PBX vendors and SIP trunking service providers, these seminars will provide you with:

• A comprehensive overview of SIP trunking: benefits, issues, and   opportunities

• Information on how SIP trunking can maximize the Return on Investment for   your IP-PBX

• An installation roadmap, solutions for interoperability etc.

• An introduction to SIP Trunking service providers, their plans and   requirements

• A complete toolkit to ease the installation of SIP trunks

SIP trunking permits businesses to converge voice and data on the same network and stay connected with those who rely on the PSTN alone. SIP trunks reduce costs, as they eliminate the need to purchase local PSTN gateways, costly ISDN BRIs (Basic Rate Interfaces) or PRIs (Primary Rate Interfaces).

By converging voice and data on the same network, the cost of moves, adds and changes is also reduced. Also, multiple forms of communication can be combined in one session to enhance the communications experience for all constituents: employees, partners and customers.

Join us for this informative seminar. Present at every session alongside the IP-PBX vendors and Ingate will be SIP trunking companies BandTel, VOEX, Level3 and

Choose one or more of the following sessions:

Wednesday, October 11, 2006
Pingtel/Ingate SIP Trunking (Seminar 1): 10:15am – 12:00pm
Sphere/Ingate SIP Trunking (Seminar 2): 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Thursday October 12, 2006
Mitel/Ingate SIP Trunking (Seminar 3): 1:00pm – 3:00pm
ObjectWorld/Ingate SIP Trunking (Seminar 4): 3:00pm – 5:00pm

Friday October 13, 2006
SIP Trunking Roundtable with all IP-PBX vendors
and SIP trunking service providers (Seminar 5):  8:45am – 11:00am

All seminars conveniently located in room 6E of the San Diego Convention Center next to the auditorium and lunch facilities.

RSVP by clicking on the following link:
Here are more details.

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