Toshiba SIP Trunking

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Toshiba SIP Trunking

Toshiba has joined the SIP trunking party with an announcement that their Strata CIX family of IP PBXs will support Session Initiation Protocol. The company will have nationwide support for SIP trunking and this should be great news for past and current Toshiba customers.

Using SIP trunking, companies eliminate the need to have separate voice and data lines and can cut costs, increase flexibility and as a bonus increase call quality.

In addition to SIP Trunks, Toshiba's MIPU cards also support IP stations, SIP stations, Strata Net channels, and applications.

Toshiba's SIP Trunking capabilities are available on two IP interface units: Toshiba's MIPU16 and MIPU24 support 16 ports and 24 channels, respectively. Both are compatible with BeyondVoice with SIPconnect from Cbeyond and VoIPZone from ABS. The MIPU interface units are now available from authorized Toshiba dealers.

This news is also good for Cbeyond as Toshiba is obsessed with call quality. If they endorse Cbeyond, it should be taken as a very positive sign for Cbeyond customers and investors.

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