No Logon with Skypee

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No Logon with Skypee

So I got up this morning at 4:30 am which is a bit earlier than I would have liked (this is really 5:30 EST). I was hoping to get lots of work done but last night and this morning I could not get onto the hotel broadband connection. I would get the login screen but when I put in my room number it would time out.
I rebooted and played with settings for a long time and then I decided to call tech support. The person who answered asked me to turn of the firewall and a whole bunch of other things like changing my proxy server.
Nothing worked. He then asked if I have “Skypee” which I inferred was Skype (I also inferred the tech support team may be based in Italy). I told him indeed I do have “Skypee.”
When I disabled “Skypeee” it solved the problem and I can now join the internet community once again. Happy day. :)

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