Skype Video For iPhone a 2011 Killer App

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Skype Video For iPhone a 2011 Killer App

I just did a brief test of Skype video calling on the iPhone - it works on the iPad as well. TMC's Tom Keating and I tried calling over WiFi and AT&T 3G. WiFi worked amazingly well and the first 3G call I tried just hung.

My second attempt to call Tom's iPhone 3GS with my iPhone 4 went through and the quality seemed slightly worse than WiFi but still quite good. During the demo I received two non-Skype 3G calls which placed the Skype call on hold. After the calls, the Skype video conversation continued without a hiccup. All this on AT&T's wireless network.

The benefit of Skype over FaceTime of course is the fact that so many Skype clients are out there - not only on mobile devices but on laptops and desktops.

It is obviously a few days early - it is officially a 2010 release but I do predict Skype video calling to be a killer mobile app for 2011.

Tom writes up the experience we had and adds photos.

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