Zennstrom no Longer Skype CEO

I just noticed Greg Galitzine wrote about Niklas Zennstrom stepping down as Skype’s CEO. will become non-executive chairman of the Skype Board of Directors. Michael van Swaaij, eBay’s Chief Strategy Officer, will become acting CEO until a permanent successor is found.
In my last conversation with Zennstrom in spring of this year he had a definite sparkle in his eyes when he spoke about Joost. He also seemed excited about the possibilities of Skype and Joost interoperating.
He mentioned at the time that Joost management was handling the company and didn’t need his day to day management.
I wonder if this move was made to allow Zennstrom to spend more time on Joost, with his family or to do something altogether new. Either way, congratulations are definitely in order as eBay paid another $530 million to settle its future earn out obligations. Sure, this is not the $1.7 billion it could have been but half a billion is nothing to sneeze at.
Om Malik has more on this story and some differing points of view.

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