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Articles to Blogs To Tweets

I have been spending lots of time on social networks this week and am falling behind on blogging. Blogs were great as they allowed an informal way to transmit information and also didn't have the rigid format of articles - requiring greater length and analysis.

Now, Facebook updates and especially Twitter have taken this to the next level - with ever-shrinking nuggets of info being shared.

What's next - we transmit a single word at a time?

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I have to tell you Rich, I think that Social Media is going to burn itself out. It's a lot of broadcast noise. There needs to be a better filtering system. Some of that filtering has to be internal - I have to stop thinking anyone wants to read my every quip and thought; and I have to realize I don't want to read/know everything.

If you look at titter profiles and facebook profiles, you will see that less and less people are active. Too much noise. Too little privacy. Too little relevance.

Rich, people (in my circle) on Facebook more often than not don't log in regularly. Maybe the newness is wearing out. Same with Twitter. 2 people were hacked and decided that jumping off twitter (deleting their account) was easier than dealing with the violation. In my experience, I am seeing people leave social networks. If it weren't for work, I might do the same.

I agree I need to filter better.

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