McCain's Brilliant Use of Video and Web 2.0

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McCain's Brilliant Use of Video and Web 2.0


Genius. That is what I have to say about this page put up by the John McCain team to show McCain supporters the unbelievable media bias towards Barack Obama. The McCain team spent hours putting together video clips of newscasters beaming about Obama and also talking about how other members of the media seem to be possessed by the Barack Obama campaign.

This is the superior video in my opinion and had 81% of the vote as I wrote this.

What John McCain's team did that was so smart however was to take these clips and play them with two different types of backround music and then allowed users to choose one video over another via a vote. It makes you want to watch both videos.

So, all the web 2.0 elements are here -- social media courtesy of YouTube, video, e-mail, polling and the viral nature of sending such a controversial video out to begin with.

This is the inferior video in my opinion and had 19% of the vote as I wrote this.

Well done. I have to admit however I am not on the Obama mailing list but I will be subscribing soon so I can also chronicle any interesting things his campaign is doing.

One thing is for sure -- this election is being influenced like never before by the internet and I would expect every campaign to become more high-tech than the last one for the foreseeable future.

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