TMCnet Blogs Add New Social Networking Features

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TMCnet Blogs Add New Social Networking Features

Great news for readers of TMCnet blogs. As you know we now have 40 bloggers and continue to innovate with technology and integration additions to our blogs which allow you to use your social networking login to comment on our blog entries. But that was so yesterday.

Through the hard work of the development team here at TMC, we now have deep integration with a variety of social networking sites. For example, we can now have Twitter feeds and Facebook status updates directly imported into our blogs. Moreover, I will scan about 2,000 headlines in a given day and I flag many of them for later coverage. Many times I assign these articles to members on my editorial/blogger team.

Now however I can share news items directly from my Google Reader which brings in news from thousands of sources and all these items will show up on the Recent Activity area on the right of my blog under the search box.

If you want to bookmark my social media feeds, here are links:

Please note that I will no longer update my status on Twitter but instead use Facebook. My Facebook status updates will be automatically copied to twitter and then my blog - at least that is the theory.  I set all this up a few minutes ago and am now testing.

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