Twitter and Iranian Democracy

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Twitter and Iranian Democracy

I have always been proud to be an American for a number of reasons including the fact that our great country has almost always pushed for human rights and democracy around the world. Like any country, we are not perfect but at the end of the day there is a reason some of the best and brightest flock to the United States to live.

I am prouder still that technology which was primarily developed in the US, the internet, social networking and more recently twitter have allowed people around the world to communicate more effectively.

Most recently twitter has been responsible for communications in Iran at a time when the government there has been trying to clamp down on communications.

My family comes from Iran but I was born in the US. The country claims to have the best of both worlds - a democracy which is intertwined with religion. In many respects this solution is much better than a dictatorship but if elections are not free, the country becomes ever-closer to dictatorship than a republic.

So news of twitter aiding in communications during political protests is very exciting to me. At the end of the day every country must comply with the wishes of its people. Repressive regimes know this and censor various websites and technologies to keep democracy from taking root but in the end, the free flow of information via the web and new technologies becomes more and more difficult to stop.

And as this information flows, so does the hope for more people to gain human rights and freedom.

I can't be more proud.

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