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Metaswitch Forum 2014 Live Blog

Metaswitch Forum 2014 will kick off soon, stay tuned.

Any second now - its 8:05 am in New Orleans


The event has kicked off with a keynote presented by Steve Gleave - which has been preceded by a few well-produced videos. The idea so far is tying in the theme of the event "The brains of the new global network" with Steve's brain. The cast of characters behind the scenes show how they tinker with Steve's brain - he eventually comes out on stage on a Segway with Harley Davidson sound-effects. And we are off.

Now to the theme of the presentation:

  1. The brains of the network are efficient and on the move - as smooth as data on a private cloud
  2. The network will have a new nervous system
  3. There is nothing like any of us - we are all unique, so are our customers and our approach to serving them

Steve went on to correlate the brain with network and to explain how evolution in the network - like the move to network functions virtualization or NFV. Media gateways, SDN and other technologies were woven into the brain discussion. From there there was talk of sensory maps in the brain which are roughly analogous to the functions in the carrier network.

Metaswitch CEO John Lazar takes the stage


John talked about the move to cloud, IP, software and a more open platform which will allow for things like fast-failure. IP interconnect is an example he cited. He went on to say networks need to be more progammable. He also said we need networks which ar ebetter at generating revenue. He continued by discussing OTT solutions like Skype and WhatsApp which are killing revenue. From there he discussed services like Netflix which can take up to 50% of the bandwidth with no corrsponding revenue.

He summarized by saying networks need to be more compeitive as they dont compete with the new entrants effectively.

Another point he made was the brains of the network on the move refers to the idea that network functions are moving to open systems such as OTS computers made by companies like Dell, etc.

He went on to say the data plane and media processinga are also moving to open systems. This has to work with a cloud orchestration layer in order to work in an elastic way.

Jason Silva , Futurist and Host of National Geographic's Brain Games takes the stage

Silva starts off by talking about how incredible technology is - how it evolves in an exponential fashion versus the linear evolution which our brains have experienced. Quoting Ray Jurzweil, he discusses the 30 linear step example which compares 30 linear and 3 0 exponential steps. The point is if you double the number each step you get to a billion in the exponential example.

Maybe the funniest line of the day so far:

If you dont have ADD today, you arent paying attention.

From here we started to watch some short video clips he produced.


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