Aspect Touts Tellme Speech Recognition Integration

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Aspect Touts Tellme Speech Recognition Integration

Recently I had a chance to speak with Alan Burnstine - Sr. Product Manager at Aspect and he had some very interesting things to tell me about how his company's IVR/ACD/dialing solutions integrate with Microsoft's Tellme for post-call surveys. As he explains, in this economy you can't necessarily compete on price so you have to compete on service. This means you need to know how good your service is. Moreover, a hosted speech-based survey solution from Tellme is tough to beat as the company handles directory assistance for AT&T and Verizon meaning they have the largest library of speech utterances which in turn means the most information available in one place to help improve speech rec quality. And then there is the whole hosted/SaaS OPEX vs. CAPEX argument which continues to be the way to go for many companies in this economic climate.


Here is a video of Aspect's Alan Burstine explaining Aspect/Tellme integration in his own words.

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