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Sprint EVDO

Forbes reports that Sprint will now have EV-DO(Evolution Data Optimized) technology in their network allowing downloads in the hundreds of megabit per second range. I was once a Sprint wireless data user and switched years ago to Verizon 1xRTT and then to Verizon’s EVDO.

At a certain point I used to have both a 1xRTT card from Verizon and Sprint card with me to use with my iPAQ. In many months of use, I could get on Verizon’s network much more frequently than Sprint’s. the only exception was in Crystal City, Virginia where Sprint worked and Verizon didn’t.

Sprint will have weaker coverage than Verizon as their network is not pervasive and they are introducing the services slowly. I would think that the pricing for the service would be much lower than Verizon to get people to try the service. Personally I couldn’t find the pricing after about five minutes of looking on Sprint’s site.

Here are excerpts from the article:

The service will be available in business districts and airports in 34 markets by the end of this month. It already came online this month in 17 of those markets, including Kansas City.

But on Thursday, Oliver Valente, Sprint's chief technology officer, said the company wanted to wait to offer the service until the required devices were broadly available. Valente said Sprint's immersion into high-speed wireless service was "timed differently than some of the competition. We think we're at the right point and right time with deployment."

"They (Verizon) certainly launched theirs first; there's no denying that," said John Polivka, a spokesman for Sprint. "We announced last June we would develop EV-DO by this point in time, and indeed we have done so. We will have substantially closed the gap by the end of this year."

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