Still at IP Sizzles

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Still at IP Sizzles

Here I sit at IP Sizzles. The speakers are doing a great job. Digium founder
and Asterisk creator Mark Spencer really did a great job and devoted much of
his time to answering audience questions -- of which they are many. Some of
the service providers and other Fortune Class companies using Asterisk is
absolutely amazing. I really learned a great deal from him as always.

I kicked things off in the morning and I am my own toughest critic. No one
fell asleep during my talk so I say it was a win. ;) Hopefully Robert Messer
the founder APB and chairman of this conference has lower standards than I
and will invite me back.

Jeff Crilley, author of "Free Publicity" is speaking now and he really
rocks. He was the MC as well. Jeff really helped the audience learn how to
get free publicity and you should buy his book.

Most of the resellers were domestic followed by South America and the
Caribbean. The attendance was great.

My Internet connection is probably 10 baud (remember when we measured things
in baud??) It is a struggle just to wait for Google to come up so you can
imagine how slow I am talking about. You may not hear from me for a while.
Sorry. :(

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