Tablets Disrupt Hard Drives

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Tablets Disrupt Hard Drives

The Disruptor Gets Disrupted

A common example of a disruptive technology is inexpensive, less reliable hard drives which when configured into RAID (redundant systems allowing one or two disk failures to not bring down an array) systems created a superior product at a lower price than larger drives available at the time. Now it seems, one of the latest disruptive products – the tablet computer is slowing down the hard drive space as the newer tablets use SSD or solid state drives instead of hard disks.

In fact The Information Network says in a new report that PC shipments dropped nearly 5% in Q4 of 2010 in the US, in-part due to booming tablet sales. Perhaps the good news for the storage market in general though is cloud-based storage and applications serving tablets will continue to drive not only demand for SANs and backup systems, it will drive demand for bandwidth and virtually all data center essentials such as servers, cooling systems and processors.

Technology is a fascinating area and as the speed of innovation continues to increase it means companies become divided into the category of quick or dead.

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