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Leatherface Shares 3D Moviemaking Tips With TMC

How often do you get a SciFi movie star in your office to talk about 3D movie-making? Well TMC recently had such an opportunity when Dan Yeager AKA Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw 3D stopped by. Truth be told we...

Voxeet Shows the Future of Conferencing - Stereo and 3-D

About eight years ago I held up DiamondWare as a shining example of what communications should be – HD, stereo and 3-D. Nortel later purchased DiamondWare and integrated it into its Project Chainsaw initiative which allowed avatar-based communications. Then these...

3-D Designer Glasses at CES 2012 from Marchon 3D

Did you know you could get designer 3-D glasses which also protect your eyes from UV light? Well you can - I saw and wore them myself at CES 2012 in Las Vegas. What a major step up from the...
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