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UCONN Brings Tech Education to Young Women

UConn Engineering’s new 2017 SPARK Program gives young women in middle school and high school access to week long learning programs that focus on different engineering disciplines. This is the latest effort by the Engineering Diversity and Outreach Center to...

The Coming Urban Drone War

Drone technology may be the biggest threat to civilized society over the next twenty years Picture a speeding criminal on the run who discovers a police cruiser behind it with its lights flashing. The driver rolls down the window and...

Why You Should Be Bullish on Technology

In the past, the price of just about everything increased over time but thanks to technology, many products and services are getting progressively cheaper and in many cases, better. In the 1980s, you could have paid 25 cents per-minute for...

Ford's CES View on The Future

If there was one surprise at CES it was the overwhelming amount of car innovation as pointed out by Rob Enderle. We are at the point today where the car is moving from becoming simply a vehicle to a centralized...

3-D Printing Brings Disruption to Manufacturing

The pace of disruption continues to increase rapidly – in the nineties Napster and VoIP showed how digitization left record labels and telcos vulnerable to new methods of distribution and communication. This disruption was once relegated to digitization meaning if...
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