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3D-Printed Homes to Replace Those Lost in Panama City, Florida

Our pal Mike Ross - who has been in tech and telecom as long as we can remember lives in Panama City, Florida where a devastating Hurricane Michael hit and devastated much of the city.No doubt, you have seen Mike...

How AT&T Will Become a Software Telco

AT&T recently announced their User-Defined Network Cloud designed to allow customers to have more control while giving them the ability to add new network services in almost real-time in an on-demand fashion. You have heard me drone on about how...

Overture: Enabling Carriers to Compete Today

Communications service providers are facing unprecedented opportunity and threats and if the OTT threat wasn't a big enough challenge, its worth pointing out AT&T recently lost its bid to supply broadband to Starbucks to Google of all companies. Who...

Overview of ITEXPO West 2010 Events

Hi all, my marketing team was good enough to provide me with this comprehensive overview of ITEXPO and all the related events and content at the show which takes place Oct 4-6, 2010 - yes, next week. I hope this...
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