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Packet8 and SunRocket Speak on VoIP

I just moderated a panel here at the VPF in Miami and the topic was voice 3.0 and when we will get there and what it would entail. My panelists were from 8x8 and SunRocket and in both cases the...

IP Communications Stories February 26, 2007

Here are some good stories worth reading. I haven’t had a chance to give analysis and opinion on all of these but if I get a chance I will tackle some or all of these later. Enjoy:   VoIP Provider...

ITEXPO Has Started: Bryan Martin is Speaking

Bryan Martin the Charman & CEO of 8x8/Packet8 has kicked off his keynote at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo and started talking a bit about VoIP history. He also said Packet8 has added 200 jobs and IP communications is helping...

VoIP Services

One of the more exciting things we do here at TMC is build communities. If you haven’t checked out what TMC is doing in this area you really should as there are lots of very exciting things happening as the...

Packet8 Hosted VoIP Patent

For its size 8x8, the company responsible for the Packet8 brand is a leader in patents. The company has been receiving patents in video and related technologies for years. In the nineties I would tour the companies offices and see...

VoIP Santa Claus

In what is an excellent gesture of good will, Packet8 is providing children in hospitals videophones so they can call Santa ClausAccording to Kitty O'Brien of the Child Life Department at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, which participated in the "8x8 /...
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