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Is Wireless Really Opening Up?

Is it possible that in front of our eyes, the US wireless market is opening up? It seems this is the case as MetroPCS Communications has just opened its network, allowing customers to bring devices from other networks which will...

Free Softbank Calls

Softbank is said to be considering allowing free phone calls between its VoIP and wireless service. The goal will be to increase the stickiness of each service while simultaneously enticing more subscribers. Obviously there is potential for an ARPU hit...

Service Provider Opportunities

Service providers are being extremely creative in using technology and ingenuity to launch new and enhanced services and products to keep customers and attract new ones. Some of the better ideas I have seen lately are the consumer electronics DECT...

Alltel Partners with AAA

Years back, many of my colleagues and I waxed poetic about location based services. Now it seems, with the aid of GPS, these services are being rolled out. A really interesting one has been announced by AAA the automobile club and...

Apple, Google and ITEXPO

I was up pretty early today and had a chance to take in lots of news while listening to CNBC, Bloomberg, reading Barons and any website I could get my hands on. Perhaps the biggest news in the telecom space...

Alltel My Circle

The “Friends and Family" plan popularized by MCI more than a decade ago has come to wireless callers. Alltel will now allow anyone spending $59.95 or more on their calling plans to have a feature called “My Circle,” allowing the...
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