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Cisco Social Video Ad I Like

Last week I shared a video ad from Calabrio I thought was great and a as a result, Ross Daniels shared a Cisco ad which is quite good as well. For the decades as I have covered the communications and...

Solid Video Ad Worth Watching

I just came across a video ad for the call center software company Calabrio which was very good - I really liked it. I am, like most people - inundated with advertising but in this case, I smiled and really...

Where On Earth is Rich Tehrani?

I have been in 30 minute meetings throughout the two days I have been at VoiceCon and will be doing the same at CTIA which I travel to tomorrow. In between meetings I scrambled to find nourishment and potentially a...

Calabrio's Call Center Solutions Advance

The trend towards unification is something you can see everywhere from cellular phones which now include music players, GPS and cameras to desktop software allowing communications with once disparate applications. One company in the call center space which is surfing...
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