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A National Holiday For Virginia Tech Victims

I was reading about the Virgina Tech tragedy and was surprised and shocked at the same time. As you may know the worse shooting spree to ever take place on US soil happened yesterday.   This tragic event is...

Google: Free Cell Phones

Eric Schmidt says cell phones should be free. Google has no plans to give away cell phones but is obvious the company is perfectly positioned to show their ads on the small screens of cell phones. Just as newspapers and...

Mashup Idea

Here is a great mashup idea. Let's have a mashup of all cell phone dead spots to potentially get carriers to fix them. I would prefer spending on a perfect network as opposed to the billions of wasted TV ads...

Iraqi Telecom

Apparently Iraq under Saddam had even less cell phones than weapons of mass destruction. Now the situation has reversed itself and the country is becoming a telecom power. Take a look at this article detailing the situation.Here are some amazing...
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