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What the Auto Market can Teach us about Mobile

Have you ever heard from someone that they don’t like Starbucks coffee but they like the experience at the store so they go in, sit down and buy the coffee? It is quite a testament to the world’s largest coffee...

The Local Starbucks is Closed

If you were wondering whether your favorite Starbucks will be one of the 600 stores the company is about to close, the entire list (PDF) of stores to be closed has been made available.California will see just under 90 stores...

Smell, Don't Drink That Coffee

 And you thought you needed to drink that coffee to get the full effects. In what has to be the world's worst discovery for coffeehouses, it seems that it is possible that smelling coffee proscues a similar effect to drinking...

Orexin A The Miracle Sleep Aid

Perhaps sleep elimination aid is more like it. :) Many friends and colleagues have shared the fact that keeping up with all the information in the technology space can be difficult if not impossible. Perhaps this is why in the...

Starbucks Advertising

I find it funny that Starbucks has chosen now as a time to start advertising its coffee on television. The company has advertised before but just not for the coffee according to CNBC. As you may know the company released...

Interviewed by CBS 5

The 4:00 am wake-up call seemed louder than most – even though I went to sleep at 5:00 pm the night before. You see I just couldn’t sleep through the night regardless of how tired I was from the late-night...
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